Stay afloat, the key is hope.

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What started as a spur of the moment decision turned into a kick in the teeth from reality. You can’t complain about your life until you get handed an uncut key and spend a whole night isolated in a cardboard box. Since my only way to the outside world was those 5 slots nobody knew I was in there and I truly felt alone, just like the homeless on the streets. If you or anyone you know is homeless just remember or remind them that life will get better and there are people who care. #molloylife #boxtown15 #boxtownxv #boxtown #homeless #shelter
They see me Rollin, they hatin
Patroling tryna catch me Ridin dirty. 
She’s got tree on her
#Tofu scramble 10g
#knish 5g
#daiya 1g
#sunwarrior shake 16g
People saying #vegans don’t get #protein … Priceless. Mad scientist in the kitchen, best breakfast I’ve ever had in a long time. Only 350 calories and 5g of fat (that last fact doesn’t mean anything but to prove this isn’t completely unhealthy)
Muscle is the human bodies last resort source of nutrients. The reason why it is last is because it creates a lot of toxins, urea and yields little to no energy at all. So when you murder innocent animals, remove their muscles cook them andeat them it does the same. The common misconception is that eating meat gives you protein. There is no way that the proteins will survive the acids in your stomach or the heat that you cook them in. The only reason for eating meat is to get the essential amino acids (building blocks for protein in your body) that your body cannot synthesis on its own. BUT instead of creating toxins and introducing cholesterol into out body you can get the same amount of amino acids if not more from soy products, brown rice, nuts beans etc. Without hurting you or other animals. Because at the end of the day that’s all we are, just really complex animals. Whatever it is you enjoy eating there is a vegan alternative that tastes just as good if not better. It takes 7 times eating something to get used to a taste or texture. And as far as it being to expensive, pay for it now or pay for it later. There are ways to do it on a budget plus the foods you eat will be more filling so you will end up eating less. #nomeatday
Going to be making more #custom #cruiser decks this summer. All hand shaped, hand painted, you tell me the size and an idea for the graphic and I’ll make it work for you. Repost to spread the word
Went to see @larryfisherman once and everyone thought I was him.
Two years ago yesterday I met Julie for the first time and knew there was something special so I asked her to be my girlfriend because I knew I needed her to be a part of my life. We went through a lot so far and I could only imagine what the rest of life will bring. The trick is to have a relationship where you are best friends and have a mutual respect for each other. Because that’s what love is 2 friends who care and respect and are attracted to each other.
I’m officially down 50 lbs from my heaviest and I want to go another 40 or so. There’s nothing stopping me and I feel great.

This blog was made for reality checks like these.
Most fitness images airbrush the heck out of women so that a majority of images we see do NOT represent what 90% of women have: cellulite.
Cellulite is normal. It’s beautiful. The media and society is trying to convince you it’s NOT because that’s how they sell creams and gels and products that claim to get rid of cellulite.
While fitness and clean eating may reduce the appearance of cellulite, there isn’t really a way to completely get rid of it. Even supermodels have cellulite.
Embrace your body and how you look. You’re beautiful. Own it.

All men love a little feminine fat, if you don’t you still follow I love girls daily because you’re a boy.

claudiagrace1 asked: What are some easy ways to loose weight before the summer?


1. Fat loss isn’t easy. Despite what magazines say, there is no “easy” way to lose fat. Any “fast” or “easy” methods are most likely unsustainable/lead to unhealthy habits that could ruin your metabolism.

2. Set the right goals. It’s so easy to say “I want to lose weight” but do you need to? Is that the right goal? Read more here.

3. Remember that loving the skin you’re in is the MOST important step. I’m not just saying this. I’m saying this because loving yourself motivates you to take care of your body. Suddenly, you’re implementing healthy habits for the right reasons: you’re eating kale and running and lifting weights not because you want a slimmer waist, but because it makes you feel good to take care of yourself and eat right. You know you’ll live longer and be happier, and this knowledge makes you beautiful from the inside out.

I know you probably expected me to give you a number of crunches to do or several workouts, but that’s not what this blog is about. Health isn’t just a lifestyle: it’s a way of thinking.

Have a great day!